The 14th Korean Papar Arts Association Exhibition
July 19, 2007 ~ Agust 1, 2007

Kyung-Sook Kim, Eui-Jeung Kim, Jung-Sik Kim, Myung-Hee Oh, Bong-Hee You, Young-Soon Lee, Dong-Lim Chung, Young-Mo Jung, Pil-In Chung, Young-Soon Cha, Jong-Soon Cha, Ji-Na Hong

The 14th Korean Paper Arts Association Exhibition, opening on July 19, 2007, explores and illustrates the nature of Korean paper, Hanji, in formative structure. This exhibition consists of artwork by 12 Korean artists; these artists employ a wide range of techniques and styles, including mixed-media assemblages, three-dimensional collage, and weaving techniques. Many artists in the exhibition explore paper's ability to be transformed from the flat to the voluminous, as well as the range of texture and the organic nature of paper.

Founded in 1995, Korean Paper Arts Association is an organization whose mission to advance the interest of paper-art and to explore the natural beauty of paper, a material that we often take for granted.