Solo Exhibition

09/20/2007 - 10/03/2007

With fascinating oriental techniques, Lee shapes Korean folk patterns into contemporary constructive collages. Lee, lives and works in Korea, believes that art should be enjoyed and understood by not only highly educated art professionals but also by everybody who appreciates its beauty.

While the contemporary art of the Asiatic Continent is shifting and merging with the western influences, leaving the Asian art at the antique and/or shamanism section, there are few young artists who are trying to bring the oriental color into this contemporary cultural mixture. Ka Young Lee, one of these young artists who tries to tie the connection between oriental tradition and contemporary, mainly uses the five primary color of Asian culture that represents the Five Elements of ancient philosophy which is the basis of the universe. ¡°I desire freedom of mind, wisdom of knowledge and awakening reason¡± ? this aspiration of Lee is well expressed through her work.

Hanji, the Korean paper, is main material in Lee¡¯s work. It is treated with natural dyes and varnished with the soy bean oil allowing natural pigment of hanji to stand out. The collage of Korean folk motives, Lee¡¯s work gives the comfort with reverberating textures and colors.